Saturday, April 3, 2010

To Fear or Not to Fear

Fear grips at the core, causing a feeling of nervousness, panic and the compelling need to withdraw from risky situations. Life is filled with mystery and danger, and the sense of uncertainty is guaranteed in today’s world. There are indeed many things to be afraid of, to name a few, loneliness, suffering, illness and death. We all have something that we find particularly intimidating. Essentially, fear cripples those that possess it, impairing judgement and can even grow stronger during moments of stagnation.

Yet with a level head and strong will, fearfulness can be conquered even though it is not an easy task. We may prefer to hide from our fears but it is actually best to face them. Whether it is being afraid to try something and fail, deal with a difficult situation, make a change or move forward, holding on to fear allows that fear to control us instead of that fear being controlled by us. We may not always succeed in what we set out to accomplish but when we decide to let go of our apprehension, a light will shine within and we will be able to handle each day of our lives.