Thursday, June 24, 2010

In The Hot Seat

It cannot be undone, a mistake at work, something said in error, wrongfully accused someone, or possibly, cheated a friend.

We can try to block it out or cover it up, but somehow though we may manage to keep it secret for awhile, that memory finds a way to hunt our waking moments and even enter our dreams. It may not be that bad depending on the incident, but it can still have an effect that troubles the spirit resulting in embarrassment or guilt.

To recover from such a situation one must first be able to admit a wrong was committed, that does not necessarily mean making a public statement but it does mean taking responsibility for your actions. No one is perfect, even if others find it difficult to look past your misdoings, you should be able to find that place where you can come to grips with what happened and forgive yourself.

That moment is now etched in time, so there is no point in trying to erase it by making up for it in someway, instead discover why it was done in the first place and do your best not to repeat that mistake. You can spend forever living in regret, or you can rise above it by setting a standard to be honourable in your daily activities.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Real Question [Part 2]: What VALUE is there in Life?

This is controversial for many, but those who believe in God understand that there is a divine hand at work in the process of life. Regardless of your views on the matter, your presence upon this planet was not by coincidence. Despite what you may have been told or feel about yourself, your life is without doubt priceless and irreplaceable.

As a result, with life comes purpose, which needs to be understood. Each living organism has a job to perform, thus meaning, that each human being has a function he or she must fulfil. Your purpose depends upon what is most important to you or can bring you the greatest satisfaction. Your aim, though you may stumble at times, should be to improve, becoming more equipped at whatever you seek to do with your life.

Always remember when seeking purpose, that your confidence will be shaken by every boulder you meet on your path, unless you see the value within and accept each day as a treasure. Furthermore understanding that without self love and determination, you will not be able to accomplish your objectives, as you will believe that you are not good enough to complete the task.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

17 Rules to Live By

Always follow through on your promises
Take 10 minutes everyday to enjoy a moment of silence
Talk to others instead of talking at them
Ignore gossip and criticism – There is no need to store the garbage of others.
Tell the truth – It is better to disappoint a friend by admitting a mistake, than to be exposed as a deceiver later on.
Use your time wisely
Do not steal – If you can take from someone without their permission, then someone can take from you just as freely.
Envy no one because of their success

Always return what you borrowed
Never make a judgement before analysing the facts
Do not go to bed angry

Carry love within your heart for yourself
Hold no hatred – Keeping a grudge can destroy you.
Approach each day of your life with confidence
Nothing is so difficult to overcome, unless you say it is
Give to others with a kind heart expecting nothing in return
End each day with thanksgiving


Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Real Question [Part 1]: What Makes you, YOU?

Just like the snowflake, no two human beings are exactly the same. Our fingerprints are one example of that mark of distinction, and our personalities are just as diverse as their unique designs.

You have been bestowed a natural gift or talent that sets you aside from everyone else. Your ability to overcome a difficult situation, find a solution to a particular problem or survive a catastrophe, maybe beyond the capability of another person, who on the other hand, would be weakened by such circumstances.

You may at times think of yourself as insignificant, but you have no idea the major impact your words or deeds can have, which actually can be life changing. The aura that surrounds you can either draw people to you or repel them, and that all depends on your quality of character.

It is easy for an outsider to judge a book by its cover, but only the person who has taken the time to read the words within, knows how the story ends. You know what lies within your heart. The definition of who you are should never be based upon imperfection. It should be based upon virtue, a quality you must see in yourself.