Thursday, June 24, 2010

In The Hot Seat

It cannot be undone, a mistake at work, something said in error, wrongfully accused someone, or possibly, cheated a friend.

We can try to block it out or cover it up, but somehow though we may manage to keep it secret for awhile, that memory finds a way to hunt our waking moments and even enter our dreams. It may not be that bad depending on the incident, but it can still have an effect that troubles the spirit resulting in embarrassment or guilt.

To recover from such a situation one must first be able to admit a wrong was committed, that does not necessarily mean making a public statement but it does mean taking responsibility for your actions. No one is perfect, even if others find it difficult to look past your misdoings, you should be able to find that place where you can come to grips with what happened and forgive yourself.

That moment is now etched in time, so there is no point in trying to erase it by making up for it in someway, instead discover why it was done in the first place and do your best not to repeat that mistake. You can spend forever living in regret, or you can rise above it by setting a standard to be honourable in your daily activities.


  1. Nobody's perfect, thanks for sharing ur beautiful thoughts! Learning much from here.. Great article. I Like it

  2. really very true..
    good thoughts