Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Real Question [Part 2]: What VALUE is there in Life?

This is controversial for many, but those who believe in God understand that there is a divine hand at work in the process of life. Regardless of your views on the matter, your presence upon this planet was not by coincidence. Despite what you may have been told or feel about yourself, your life is without doubt priceless and irreplaceable.

As a result, with life comes purpose, which needs to be understood. Each living organism has a job to perform, thus meaning, that each human being has a function he or she must fulfil. Your purpose depends upon what is most important to you or can bring you the greatest satisfaction. Your aim, though you may stumble at times, should be to improve, becoming more equipped at whatever you seek to do with your life.

Always remember when seeking purpose, that your confidence will be shaken by every boulder you meet on your path, unless you see the value within and accept each day as a treasure. Furthermore understanding that without self love and determination, you will not be able to accomplish your objectives, as you will believe that you are not good enough to complete the task.


  1. without love n self determination, we will not accomplish what value n purpose in our live.

    Thanks for sharing beautiful thoughts!

  2. Many people are searching for their purpose in life to give their lives meaning. It is my view that within each of us lives a creative genius which is the source of abundance and fulfillment for us if we can tap into it and discover why we are truly here.