Sunday, December 5, 2010


On the palm of my hand rests a seed.
Trapped within its protective coat is a dormant organism waiting to be released.
If planted this seed has the potential to sprout a new life and that can reach great stature.

For development to take place however it must be buried in the earth, and with the right conditions a seedling will push above the soil towards the heat of the sun.
This life will then continue to grow and survive provided it can absorb the proper nutrients when needed.

Within all of us is the desire to attain greatness but our aspirations can only be realized through effort and zealousness.
Just as dirt is the starting point in the life of a seed and from then on is an integral part of that plant’s existence, we must move ahead undeterred and determined to achieve our goals or they will remain locked away.

In other words, in growth there will be struggle, but through difficulty we can become stronger and self sufficient.
Once we allow the light of hope and the warmth of a new day to embrace our destiny, our lives will continue to flourish.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lasting Impressions

The thinking mind is an extremely powerful tool, but it can be easily manipulated especially from an early age. In the womb not only does the brain develop but there is also the development of thought and emotion. An expectant mother may not realize that her temperament and feelings are imprinted upon her unborn child. In other words, being a role model for a child as a parent really begins before the birth of that child.

When the baby is then brought into the world and continues to grow, he or she has the ability to gather information from its environment. Even though children seem oblivious to their surroundings, they can differentiate a happy home from a home filled with rift and strife. Their minds are very impressionable so it is important they not be insulted or abused during correction, and that obscene language be avoided even if it is in conversation with another adult while in their presence.

If you wish to build the self-esteem of your children, make sure the doorway to communication is open for them. They should always be comfortable to discuss any issue they may be experiencing from day to day. Hence, proper guidance is necessary to stimulate a healthy mental attitude so the adults of tomorrow can confidently, and intelligently deal with any obstacle thrown in their way.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rekindle the Fire

Society’s view of the relationship has changed over the years. A century ago entering into a marriage meant, entering into a life long commitment. In today’s world if your spouse becomes uninteresting a divorce is the first option for a way out. It appears the value and warmth within the relationship is forgotten, and its continual development is seen as an inconvenience.

In actuality, a living organism that is set aside and neglected will die, likewise, so will a relationship if not properly cared for. It is vital that time be reserved for communication, physical intimacy and simply to enjoy each other’s company. A union involves two individuals who are willing to cooperate, compromise and share responsibilities. It is an equal partnership.

Additionally, arguments that dredge up deeds of the past will lead to nowhere. Learn to resolve issues through respect and understanding, both parties have a voice and both must be heard. Therefore, do not be afraid to relate your opinions, this should be the one place you can speak your thoughts in love, without being ridiculed.

No relationship will be perfect as everyone makes mistakes, but it can last if both individuals are willing to protect their investment, and that investment is living as one.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I See in Me

Every time I gaze into a mirror it reveals a reflection of me.
The image I see may not be one of perfection but I know that I am still a person of loveliness.
My self-worth is not founded upon my physical appearance but a mind that is pure and true.
I prefer to live virtuously for I know at the end of my days the memory that shall remain, will forever inhabit the souls I had touched.

I will not allow the insensitivity of others to leave a scar upon my heart.
I am bold, strong and determined enough to press forward as slow as it maybe, on the road that will lead to my prosperity, for my spirit shall not be broken.
On this road I may not gain bountiful riches but I will grow in confidence.

I see in me the power to overcome all of life’s obstacles.
I see in me the ability to choose that which is right in a world filled with evilness.
I see in me a person of value, all because, I love who I am.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Reciprocal Link

Among our diverse talents we have the ability to communicate and interact with others. With this connection we can build relationships, deepen bonds and find comfort. We all need that occasional moment to relate our feelings, desires and uncertainties, hoping that someone we trust will care enough to listen to what we have to say, without judgement.

When you listen, you are opening your heart to a message. Not only should the words that are spoken be heard, but the hidden meaning should be unearthed and understood. This individual needs you to see past your own convictions on the matter, so that you can give him or her, an unbiased and straightforward response.

If you choose to ignore someone’s concerns, you are not only leaving that person vulnerable to be tossed by the slightest wind, but you in turn will be sealed in by slippery walls and surrounded by emptiness. When you take the time to listen, your voice will then be heard and genuinely accepted.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Voice of a Child

Through much pain I was brought into the world. Feeble and unable to speak, I depend upon the attention of an adult. It was not my choice to be born but by a power beyond my understanding, I live.

I am not a product of human error. I am not a rag to be tossed aside. I am not a toy nor should I be abused.

I am a child.

I deserve the right to be loved, nurtured and respected, and as I grow and begin to absorb knowledge I will need constant guidance.

By your example I will lead my own life in the coming years. What is presented to me now, I will envision for all time. What I am taught will be my anchor until I die.

I have a mind.

My innocence needs to be preserved, my thoughts should remain pure, and I must be protected until I am strong enough to fend for myself, and even then, I still need your support.

Show me how to create a masterpiece. Encourage me to follow my dreams. Open my world to greater opportunities.

I am unique.

Help me to develop self control so I cannot be easily misled. Let me know the importance of individualism so no one can take away my freedom. Allow me to become the best I can possibly be for this is the correct path for me.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Breaking the Generational Curse

A generational curse refers to an adversity, handed down from generation to generation which is tied to the wrongdoings of the forefathers, in that the consequences of their actions continue to affect the children born in that bloodline. It is connected with religious doctrine, but there are different types so some can be dealt with through personal development.

For instance, this inherited misfortune could be due to a family living in less than ideal circumstances and through time, their children’s children carry on that lifestyle. Similarly, as an adult, you may dislike certain characteristics in your parents but unconsciously, your mannerisms may be the same.

The main issue however, is to sever its hold in our time to secure the wellbeing of our future kin. Learning from the mistakes of our predecessors, changing our point of view, teaching our children the value of knowledge and to respect the rights and freedom of all living, making an effort to improve the way we associate with others, are a few methods we can use to curb the generational curse.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Respect for Boundaries

There is a simple yet forceful word consisting of only two letters, when said can be nerve racking or invigorating and when heard, can be daunting as well as annoying. No, despite the context in which it is applied or how it is presented, affects the way we feel and behave. It imposes limitations which when considered, may not be as bad as you think.

No issues a challenge
If someone said to you this is wrong, that is not the way to do it. Then your options are either throw in the towel or find the correct way to get it done.

No strengthens your character
If ever you are told you do not have what it takes, you did not make the team, you can feel offended or keep practicing, determined to improve your skills.

No builds courage
Against opposition, it can help you develop the ability to walk away from victimization, demoralization and self pity.

No teaches value
Anything that easily falls into your lap is not usually appreciated. By working hard to achieve success, gaining something that was initially out of reach, you are unlikely to take for granted your blessings.

No offers protection
In some instances, paying heed to a warning even though it is difficult to understand at first, can save you from physical harm, heartache or the harsh result of being isolated.

The key points are do not be intimidated by negative comments, do not feel put down by refusals or left out when rejected. Such incidents cannot hold you back if you remain level headed, learn what is being taught and explore more opportunities to find enrichment.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Declaration of Devotion

I pledge my love for you this day, binding my soul to yours in a holy union. I give to you my all, because in our lifetime every moment we spend together, will be a treasure more valuable than its weight in gold.

I will respect this commitment by being patient, by listening and showing you understanding. I will not allow a little issue to become a major problem, and I will never insult you or make you feel unimportant.

We will share all of life’s hardship and success together. We will laugh and cry together, sing and dance together and be passionate towards each other. We are from this day forward, one in mind, body and spirit.

For all those who want to be, will be and are already married, always bear in mind that for the relationship to continually blossom, cooperation, forgiveness and loyalty must be the key ingredients, alongside the heartfelt warmth of an undying love.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Real Question [Part 3]: What DO you have to lose?

Ambition is a dream…

A thought in your head of something you would like to achieve, that is to say, a goal you aspire to make a reality.

We’ve heard this statement before, ‘dreamers never amount to much.’ Nonetheless, one’s purpose is discovered through much thought, so without dreams there's nothing really worth aiming for.

Now, bringing an object to life, is not as easy as snapping your fingers. You must first envision it, draft a plan, gather your resources and then build each level layer by layer until the project is complete. It is a painstaking process that takes time.

Your state of mind can be a major downfall when seeking purpose, if you refuse to try by saying that dream is unattainable, if you give up part of the way, or if you become easily distracted then your dream will remain just that, a fantasy.

Even if you make an attempt putting your best foot forward, trying sincerely to succeed yet failed, but in that failure you are determined to see it done, you would in fact be proving to yourself that you have great inner strength to face head on, any challenge that may come your way in the future.

You have absolutely nothing to lose by following your dreams; instead, there is much to be gained.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

In The Hot Seat

It cannot be undone, a mistake at work, something said in error, wrongfully accused someone, or possibly, cheated a friend.

We can try to block it out or cover it up, but somehow though we may manage to keep it secret for awhile, that memory finds a way to hunt our waking moments and even enter our dreams. It may not be that bad depending on the incident, but it can still have an effect that troubles the spirit resulting in embarrassment or guilt.

To recover from such a situation one must first be able to admit a wrong was committed, that does not necessarily mean making a public statement but it does mean taking responsibility for your actions. No one is perfect, even if others find it difficult to look past your misdoings, you should be able to find that place where you can come to grips with what happened and forgive yourself.

That moment is now etched in time, so there is no point in trying to erase it by making up for it in someway, instead discover why it was done in the first place and do your best not to repeat that mistake. You can spend forever living in regret, or you can rise above it by setting a standard to be honourable in your daily activities.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Real Question [Part 2]: What VALUE is there in Life?

This is controversial for many, but those who believe in God understand that there is a divine hand at work in the process of life. Regardless of your views on the matter, your presence upon this planet was not by coincidence. Despite what you may have been told or feel about yourself, your life is without doubt priceless and irreplaceable.

As a result, with life comes purpose, which needs to be understood. Each living organism has a job to perform, thus meaning, that each human being has a function he or she must fulfil. Your purpose depends upon what is most important to you or can bring you the greatest satisfaction. Your aim, though you may stumble at times, should be to improve, becoming more equipped at whatever you seek to do with your life.

Always remember when seeking purpose, that your confidence will be shaken by every boulder you meet on your path, unless you see the value within and accept each day as a treasure. Furthermore understanding that without self love and determination, you will not be able to accomplish your objectives, as you will believe that you are not good enough to complete the task.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

17 Rules to Live By

Always follow through on your promises
Take 10 minutes everyday to enjoy a moment of silence
Talk to others instead of talking at them
Ignore gossip and criticism – There is no need to store the garbage of others.
Tell the truth – It is better to disappoint a friend by admitting a mistake, than to be exposed as a deceiver later on.
Use your time wisely
Do not steal – If you can take from someone without their permission, then someone can take from you just as freely.
Envy no one because of their success

Always return what you borrowed
Never make a judgement before analysing the facts
Do not go to bed angry

Carry love within your heart for yourself
Hold no hatred – Keeping a grudge can destroy you.
Approach each day of your life with confidence
Nothing is so difficult to overcome, unless you say it is
Give to others with a kind heart expecting nothing in return
End each day with thanksgiving


Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Real Question [Part 1]: What Makes you, YOU?

Just like the snowflake, no two human beings are exactly the same. Our fingerprints are one example of that mark of distinction, and our personalities are just as diverse as their unique designs.

You have been bestowed a natural gift or talent that sets you aside from everyone else. Your ability to overcome a difficult situation, find a solution to a particular problem or survive a catastrophe, maybe beyond the capability of another person, who on the other hand, would be weakened by such circumstances.

You may at times think of yourself as insignificant, but you have no idea the major impact your words or deeds can have, which actually can be life changing. The aura that surrounds you can either draw people to you or repel them, and that all depends on your quality of character.

It is easy for an outsider to judge a book by its cover, but only the person who has taken the time to read the words within, knows how the story ends. You know what lies within your heart. The definition of who you are should never be based upon imperfection. It should be based upon virtue, a quality you must see in yourself.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Destined to Arrive

The process of life though you may be unconscious of it, occurs in stages. Just as a baby developing in the womb, begins as an embryo and gradually grows into a full term foetus at nine months, your progress throughout is a series of steps. Whatever is your intended destination, be it personal growth, career advancement, improved relationships or even having a stress free day, planning is always necessary. You need to know where you are going in order to determine how you are going to get there.

Your surroundings are an important factor. To continually develop, the environmental conditions must be right. Being enveloped by negative energy, having a pessimistic mindset, listening to discouraging advice, or simply placing yourself in bad situations will in no way aid you in reaching your desired destination. Furthermore, refusing to recognize these circumstances as downfalls, state that you are willing to accept what is instead of working towards what can be, which keeps you stagnant.

In other words, human beings require nourishment. So practicing healthy habits in terms of setting standards, establishing goals, remaining focused, being open minded to change and understanding that growth is an ever learning process, will help you to be exactly where you want to be in life.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Struggle

Some personal issues are difficult in itself, to comprehend. You know a problem exists, you know it can be solved, but why does it exist? Why is there a problem when there should not be a problem?

During such moments you may doubt yourself, the intentions of others towards you and you may question what is truly important, causing a cloud of mystery to block your view of what lies ahead.

In times of struggle it is best to think things through thoroughly before you act. You can attempt to change a situation, but all you may actually be doing is fixing something that was not broken to begin with, as the real problem is hidden. Search deeply to find the root of the matter so that it can be properly dealt with and removed, for if the issue is left unresolved, swept under the rug, it will never go away.

In the end, all that you need to move within a cloud of mystery is a light, and the willpower to get through it.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Heart of The Matter

Never focus on the thoughts others may have of you.
Never focus on how many times you have tried, and how many times you have failed at trying.
Never focus on the stumbling blocks cast in your way.


Always focus on being the best you can be at everything.
Always focus on never giving up on achieving your goals.
Always focus on allowing nothing to obstruct your progress, and finding a way through the barricade.

Not everyone will receive you the same and not everyone will care about what you have to say, but if you know the message you bring will benefit someone, do not worry about those who would disagree. You cannot please everyone, nor should you intend to.

Criticism that is positive is always good, so to is the negative, as negative criticism is meant to strengthen the character.

Do not fear opposition but alternatively, see it as a conquest. It is utterly pointless to tiptoe through life apprehensive about the harsh judgement of others.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

To Fear or Not to Fear

Fear grips at the core, causing a feeling of nervousness, panic and the compelling need to withdraw from risky situations. Life is filled with mystery and danger, and the sense of uncertainty is guaranteed in today’s world. There are indeed many things to be afraid of, to name a few, loneliness, suffering, illness and death. We all have something that we find particularly intimidating. Essentially, fear cripples those that possess it, impairing judgement and can even grow stronger during moments of stagnation.

Yet with a level head and strong will, fearfulness can be conquered even though it is not an easy task. We may prefer to hide from our fears but it is actually best to face them. Whether it is being afraid to try something and fail, deal with a difficult situation, make a change or move forward, holding on to fear allows that fear to control us instead of that fear being controlled by us. We may not always succeed in what we set out to accomplish but when we decide to let go of our apprehension, a light will shine within and we will be able to handle each day of our lives.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Believe in You

Often times, doubt is a major cause for desires remaining unattainable. Having doubts about your ability to complete a task, doubting that you can do anything despite your circumstances, doubtful that others will support you. Doubt is a cursed sword.

There are many factors that can hinder development but if you press forward in faith, setting your mind towards achieving a goal, the doors of opportunity will be open to you. You must believe in yourself, believe in what you can become and believe in change.

Triumph is never an easy road to travel but at the end, the journey will be memorable and rewarding. Keep moving ahead, even though you may stop along the way, don’t turn back and never lose sight of what you wish to accomplish.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cool Thy Temper

It is human nature to become upset and annoyed, but when anger spins out of control and turns into violence, a predicament is evident. It is definitely easier to fly off the handle, dealing with troubling situations using insulting words and brute force, but unless you are a law enforcement officer, you are actually digging a deep pit to throw yourself into.

Without rationality anything is likely to occur, so it is understood that anger has the ability to corrupt the mind hampering good judgement. With wisdom however, we are perfectly capable of analysing a situation so right choices can be made through proper thought, in other words, it is always best to think before you act.

Here are some alternative methods that can be used opposed to lashing out, ignoring the foolishness of others, letting go of resentment, remaining level-headed, not becoming easily offended, negotiating or walking away. Permitting anger to dominate your being, gives it the authority to destroy your life and the life of someone else. It is a powerful emotion but it can be controlled and soothed.

Psalm 37:8
Cease from anger, and forsake wrath: fret not thyself in any wise to do evil.

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Art of Forgiveness

A grudge damages the soul, impales the body and afflicts the mind. The only purpose served by holding on to resentment, is to entangle yourself in a web of continuous demoralization, it is absolutely useless. There will always be individuals who come into your life to cause disappointment.

Every time you are hurt by someone, especially someone you care about and hatred forms, you take away from yourself a peaceful mindset. The sole aim of anyone who wishes to cause you some sort of pain, is to keep you in a state of unhappiness because they are unhappy themselves. They should not be given the satisfaction.

It is easy to say “just let it go,” but truly forgiveness is a work in progress, it takes time and effort. In the end though, forgiving is not only meant to let bygones be bygones, what it essentially does is give you freedom to live each day without constant worrying and stress. It is not possible to live at your best with the weight of animosity resting upon your shoulders, forgiveness is the key.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Finding Self

The opinion of others concerning you does not necessarily outline who you are. Some people may like you and some may not, so you should not at any point in time take to heart, criticism that is really meant to be a stumbling block during your life’s journey.

You are a unique and beautiful individual, and when you decide to accept that this is how you were created, your life will be changed for the better. It is important to remember, if you cannot appreciate and love yourself first and foremost, you will fall short and your relationship with others will be inadequate.

Additionally, do not compare yourself to anyone, what you are capable of accomplishing others may not be able to, focus less on your weaknesses and more on your strengths. Your life may not be perfect and you may not have all the desires of your heart, but how you decide to live each day rests upon your shoulders, and your view of yourself defines who you are.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

To Know

Only You Know…

No one truly knows but you, the problems you face today. No one truly knows but you, the heaviness of the burden you carry. Only you know what can honestly bring you satisfaction in this world.

You May Never Know…

You may never truly understand how hurt someone can be, beyond a smile. You may never truly understand the value of friendship until you lose the one friend, you had in this life. You may never know the negative impact you can have upon another person, by refusing to lend a helping hand.

Only God Knows…

God knows of your every need even before you ask. God knows when the road you travel is rough and is eager to walk by your side. Only God knows the direction your life will take, whether you choose to follow him or your own way.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Fading Away the Heartache

Never a day goes by that you may not ponder on a past hurt, a sad memory, a loss or a want never fulfilled, but each minute you give away to such gloom, is a minute wasted. Sadness darkens the spirit, weakens the mind, damages the body and will eventually destroy you.

Letting go of yesterday and seeing today as a new beginning, is the only way change can come. Find your centre, your purpose, yourself. Allow the light of the sun to fill your soul and let its warmth heighten your senses.

You are beautiful beyond comparison; you can achieve things others only dream about. The love that surrounds you is unconditional and is above the understanding of any man or woman, because it comes from the Creator.

Put the sadness behind you, move forward with confidence and know that this world cannot trap you in pain, unless you want it to.