Monday, July 26, 2010

Breaking the Generational Curse

A generational curse refers to an adversity, handed down from generation to generation which is tied to the wrongdoings of the forefathers, in that the consequences of their actions continue to affect the children born in that bloodline. It is connected with religious doctrine, but there are different types so some can be dealt with through personal development.

For instance, this inherited misfortune could be due to a family living in less than ideal circumstances and through time, their children’s children carry on that lifestyle. Similarly, as an adult, you may dislike certain characteristics in your parents but unconsciously, your mannerisms may be the same.

The main issue however, is to sever its hold in our time to secure the wellbeing of our future kin. Learning from the mistakes of our predecessors, changing our point of view, teaching our children the value of knowledge and to respect the rights and freedom of all living, making an effort to improve the way we associate with others, are a few methods we can use to curb the generational curse.

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