Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Reciprocal Link

Among our diverse talents we have the ability to communicate and interact with others. With this connection we can build relationships, deepen bonds and find comfort. We all need that occasional moment to relate our feelings, desires and uncertainties, hoping that someone we trust will care enough to listen to what we have to say, without judgement.

When you listen, you are opening your heart to a message. Not only should the words that are spoken be heard, but the hidden meaning should be unearthed and understood. This individual needs you to see past your own convictions on the matter, so that you can give him or her, an unbiased and straightforward response.

If you choose to ignore someone’s concerns, you are not only leaving that person vulnerable to be tossed by the slightest wind, but you in turn will be sealed in by slippery walls and surrounded by emptiness. When you take the time to listen, your voice will then be heard and genuinely accepted.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Voice of a Child

Through much pain I was brought into the world. Feeble and unable to speak, I depend upon the attention of an adult. It was not my choice to be born but by a power beyond my understanding, I live.

I am not a product of human error. I am not a rag to be tossed aside. I am not a toy nor should I be abused.

I am a child.

I deserve the right to be loved, nurtured and respected, and as I grow and begin to absorb knowledge I will need constant guidance.

By your example I will lead my own life in the coming years. What is presented to me now, I will envision for all time. What I am taught will be my anchor until I die.

I have a mind.

My innocence needs to be preserved, my thoughts should remain pure, and I must be protected until I am strong enough to fend for myself, and even then, I still need your support.

Show me how to create a masterpiece. Encourage me to follow my dreams. Open my world to greater opportunities.

I am unique.

Help me to develop self control so I cannot be easily misled. Let me know the importance of individualism so no one can take away my freedom. Allow me to become the best I can possibly be for this is the correct path for me.