Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Setting in Motion

What is Life?
Beyond the usual term of a self-existing organism which breathes and grows, life means intent, creating for yourself a reason to exist. You were brought into the world a helpless babe, but you were meant to grow into someone of value.

What is Purpose?
It is to reach above the norm of merely existing, laying not only your foundation to build upon, but also impacting positively in the lives of others.

Finding the Goal
We were each granted different gifts to use during our life’s journey. They are not meant to be hidden or buried, but to be invested upon. Some of our talents may seem small in comparison to others, but once constantly applied, they will develop into a mighty fortress.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Patterned Soul

Beauty does not come from fashion or the cosmetics on my face.
It is not how I feel when someone says to me, you are beautiful,
It is how I feel when I say to myself, I am beautiful.
For the external self fades away with time but inwardly, I am immortalized.

I am not defined by the thoughts of others.
I am not the creation of manmade ideals.
I will not allow callousness and spitefulness to feed my soul.

Each day maybe filled with challenges and I may struggle,
But it is also filled with hope of a better tomorrow.
With courage of undying magnitude I will make a step forward.
I do not step blindly expecting life to path a way for me,
I expect to make a path through life no matter how difficult it maybe.

The belief that I can conquer all odds is vital to my spiritual growth.
I must have confidence that even if I fall,
I will pick myself up and stand on my feet once more.
Even if I am badly bruised and broken, my spirit will remain steadfast.
For this, I will ensure that I am prepared for whatever life has in store.