Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Setting in Motion

What is Life?
Beyond the usual term of a self-existing organism which breathes and grows, life means intent, creating for yourself a reason to exist. You were brought into the world a helpless babe, but you were meant to grow into someone of value.

What is Purpose?
It is to reach above the norm of merely existing, laying not only your foundation to build upon, but also impacting positively in the lives of others.

Finding the Goal
We were each granted different gifts to use during our life’s journey. They are not meant to be hidden or buried, but to be invested upon. Some of our talents may seem small in comparison to others, but once constantly applied, they will develop into a mighty fortress.


  1. Namaste or Sat Num or Just Good Day
    I love attitude in way that is like none other I present
    we all present something in whatever we encounter
    I smile at everyone and its as an eye witness it helps.
    Attitude I made a comment one day and it was I love you
    all day long people looked at me strange one person said I love
    you back but without any hesitation. I love everyone because my attitude
    toward love is growing everyday it is a process, I am impressed
    wow this is great thank you for all of you bring. wow.
    Thank you
    Gordon Taylor III

  2. What a great Blog, I really enjoyed reading through it today.
    I was born In Trinidad but had to leave when I was 6 weeks old, since then I have travelled the World but never made it back.
    I hope you might be able to visit my blog which is in line with yours but based in Guernsey.

  3. You are right you know but i would still like to add that. Life is not a measure of you own but a measure of the impact you have made. We may course through this world of our existence without realy contributing to it and i say that is not life but dream since you wont be remembered for anything.