Sunday, November 20, 2011

True Rhythm

I do not dance to the beat of the autocratic drum.
I do not flow like oil from a bottle poured into a scorching pot.
My steps are not guided by canes, since they are not required to uphold my weight.
I am not dependant upon the bread crumb trail to find my way, as it can be easily eaten by the Blue Jay.

I am not held captive by lost time, words or deeds, when I move, I move forward.

The waves are like my compass. Whether smooth, rugged, high, low or no movement at all, the ocean flows.
My thoughts are like patterned clouds which cannot be sucked into storage, night or day they continue to form.
The wind which passes through every treetop and meadow is a symbol of freedom for me.

Everyday, though it maybe arduous, I flow
Into the hearts of strangers, I flow.
Into the life of the downtrodden, I flow.
My rhythm is success unmeasured, I flow.

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