Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Voice of a Child

Through much pain I was brought into the world. Feeble and unable to speak, I depend upon the attention of an adult. It was not my choice to be born but by a power beyond my understanding, I live.

I am not a product of human error. I am not a rag to be tossed aside. I am not a toy nor should I be abused.

I am a child.

I deserve the right to be loved, nurtured and respected, and as I grow and begin to absorb knowledge I will need constant guidance.

By your example I will lead my own life in the coming years. What is presented to me now, I will envision for all time. What I am taught will be my anchor until I die.

I have a mind.

My innocence needs to be preserved, my thoughts should remain pure, and I must be protected until I am strong enough to fend for myself, and even then, I still need your support.

Show me how to create a masterpiece. Encourage me to follow my dreams. Open my world to greater opportunities.

I am unique.

Help me to develop self control so I cannot be easily misled. Let me know the importance of individualism so no one can take away my freedom. Allow me to become the best I can possibly be for this is the correct path for me.

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