Friday, July 16, 2010

Respect for Boundaries

There is a simple yet forceful word consisting of only two letters, when said can be nerve racking or invigorating and when heard, can be daunting as well as annoying. No, despite the context in which it is applied or how it is presented, affects the way we feel and behave. It imposes limitations which when considered, may not be as bad as you think.

No issues a challenge
If someone said to you this is wrong, that is not the way to do it. Then your options are either throw in the towel or find the correct way to get it done.

No strengthens your character
If ever you are told you do not have what it takes, you did not make the team, you can feel offended or keep practicing, determined to improve your skills.

No builds courage
Against opposition, it can help you develop the ability to walk away from victimization, demoralization and self pity.

No teaches value
Anything that easily falls into your lap is not usually appreciated. By working hard to achieve success, gaining something that was initially out of reach, you are unlikely to take for granted your blessings.

No offers protection
In some instances, paying heed to a warning even though it is difficult to understand at first, can save you from physical harm, heartache or the harsh result of being isolated.

The key points are do not be intimidated by negative comments, do not feel put down by refusals or left out when rejected. Such incidents cannot hold you back if you remain level headed, learn what is being taught and explore more opportunities to find enrichment.

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