Thursday, February 4, 2010

Finding Self

The opinion of others concerning you does not necessarily outline who you are. Some people may like you and some may not, so you should not at any point in time take to heart, criticism that is really meant to be a stumbling block during your life’s journey.

You are a unique and beautiful individual, and when you decide to accept that this is how you were created, your life will be changed for the better. It is important to remember, if you cannot appreciate and love yourself first and foremost, you will fall short and your relationship with others will be inadequate.

Additionally, do not compare yourself to anyone, what you are capable of accomplishing others may not be able to, focus less on your weaknesses and more on your strengths. Your life may not be perfect and you may not have all the desires of your heart, but how you decide to live each day rests upon your shoulders, and your view of yourself defines who you are.

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