Sunday, December 5, 2010


On the palm of my hand rests a seed.
Trapped within its protective coat is a dormant organism waiting to be released.
If planted this seed has the potential to sprout a new life and that can reach great stature.

For development to take place however it must be buried in the earth, and with the right conditions a seedling will push above the soil towards the heat of the sun.
This life will then continue to grow and survive provided it can absorb the proper nutrients when needed.

Within all of us is the desire to attain greatness but our aspirations can only be realized through effort and zealousness.
Just as dirt is the starting point in the life of a seed and from then on is an integral part of that plant’s existence, we must move ahead undeterred and determined to achieve our goals or they will remain locked away.

In other words, in growth there will be struggle, but through difficulty we can become stronger and self sufficient.
Once we allow the light of hope and the warmth of a new day to embrace our destiny, our lives will continue to flourish.

“Awakening” is dedicated to the IS Foundation which is devoted to preserving our environment, caring for animals and providing humanitarian aid. For more info view the Foundation’s Facebook Page.

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