Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lasting Impressions

The thinking mind is an extremely powerful tool, but it can be easily manipulated especially from an early age. In the womb not only does the brain develop but there is also the development of thought and emotion. An expectant mother may not realize that her temperament and feelings are imprinted upon her unborn child. In other words, being a role model for a child as a parent really begins before the birth of that child.

When the baby is then brought into the world and continues to grow, he or she has the ability to gather information from its environment. Even though children seem oblivious to their surroundings, they can differentiate a happy home from a home filled with rift and strife. Their minds are very impressionable so it is important they not be insulted or abused during correction, and that obscene language be avoided even if it is in conversation with another adult while in their presence.

If you wish to build the self-esteem of your children, make sure the doorway to communication is open for them. They should always be comfortable to discuss any issue they may be experiencing from day to day. Hence, proper guidance is necessary to stimulate a healthy mental attitude so the adults of tomorrow can confidently, and intelligently deal with any obstacle thrown in their way.

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