Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rekindle the Fire

Society’s view of the relationship has changed over the years. A century ago entering into a marriage meant, entering into a life long commitment. In today’s world if your spouse becomes uninteresting a divorce is the first option for a way out. It appears the value and warmth within the relationship is forgotten, and its continual development is seen as an inconvenience.

In actuality, a living organism that is set aside and neglected will die, likewise, so will a relationship if not properly cared for. It is vital that time be reserved for communication, physical intimacy and simply to enjoy each other’s company. A union involves two individuals who are willing to cooperate, compromise and share responsibilities. It is an equal partnership.

Additionally, arguments that dredge up deeds of the past will lead to nowhere. Learn to resolve issues through respect and understanding, both parties have a voice and both must be heard. Therefore, do not be afraid to relate your opinions, this should be the one place you can speak your thoughts in love, without being ridiculed.

No relationship will be perfect as everyone makes mistakes, but it can last if both individuals are willing to protect their investment, and that investment is living as one.


  1. Thanks for a nice post. And I agree, some traditional values seem to have almost disappeared in a way. But having read your post, there's still hope. :)