Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I See in Me

Every time I gaze into a mirror it reveals a reflection of me.
The image I see may not be one of perfection but I know that I am still a person of loveliness.
My self-worth is not founded upon my physical appearance but a mind that is pure and true.
I prefer to live virtuously for I know at the end of my days the memory that shall remain, will forever inhabit the souls I had touched.

I will not allow the insensitivity of others to leave a scar upon my heart.
I am bold, strong and determined enough to press forward as slow as it maybe, on the road that will lead to my prosperity, for my spirit shall not be broken.
On this road I may not gain bountiful riches but I will grow in confidence.

I see in me the power to overcome all of life’s obstacles.
I see in me the ability to choose that which is right in a world filled with evilness.
I see in me a person of value, all because, I love who I am.

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