Monday, January 11, 2010

Fading Away the Heartache

Never a day goes by that you may not ponder on a past hurt, a sad memory, a loss or a want never fulfilled, but each minute you give away to such gloom, is a minute wasted. Sadness darkens the spirit, weakens the mind, damages the body and will eventually destroy you.

Letting go of yesterday and seeing today as a new beginning, is the only way change can come. Find your centre, your purpose, yourself. Allow the light of the sun to fill your soul and let its warmth heighten your senses.

You are beautiful beyond comparison; you can achieve things others only dream about. The love that surrounds you is unconditional and is above the understanding of any man or woman, because it comes from the Creator.

Put the sadness behind you, move forward with confidence and know that this world cannot trap you in pain, unless you want it to.

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