Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Heart of The Matter

Never focus on the thoughts others may have of you.
Never focus on how many times you have tried, and how many times you have failed at trying.
Never focus on the stumbling blocks cast in your way.


Always focus on being the best you can be at everything.
Always focus on never giving up on achieving your goals.
Always focus on allowing nothing to obstruct your progress, and finding a way through the barricade.

Not everyone will receive you the same and not everyone will care about what you have to say, but if you know the message you bring will benefit someone, do not worry about those who would disagree. You cannot please everyone, nor should you intend to.

Criticism that is positive is always good, so to is the negative, as negative criticism is meant to strengthen the character.

Do not fear opposition but alternatively, see it as a conquest. It is utterly pointless to tiptoe through life apprehensive about the harsh judgement of others.

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