Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Struggle

Some personal issues are difficult in itself, to comprehend. You know a problem exists, you know it can be solved, but why does it exist? Why is there a problem when there should not be a problem?

During such moments you may doubt yourself, the intentions of others towards you and you may question what is truly important, causing a cloud of mystery to block your view of what lies ahead.

In times of struggle it is best to think things through thoroughly before you act. You can attempt to change a situation, but all you may actually be doing is fixing something that was not broken to begin with, as the real problem is hidden. Search deeply to find the root of the matter so that it can be properly dealt with and removed, for if the issue is left unresolved, swept under the rug, it will never go away.

In the end, all that you need to move within a cloud of mystery is a light, and the willpower to get through it.


  1. Nice layout.. I Like it!

    Yes we can if we believe, and the all will follow it.. willpower will courage us to get through all. Thanks for Sharing!