Wednesday, June 9, 2010

17 Rules to Live By

Always follow through on your promises
Take 10 minutes everyday to enjoy a moment of silence
Talk to others instead of talking at them
Ignore gossip and criticism – There is no need to store the garbage of others.
Tell the truth – It is better to disappoint a friend by admitting a mistake, than to be exposed as a deceiver later on.
Use your time wisely
Do not steal – If you can take from someone without their permission, then someone can take from you just as freely.
Envy no one because of their success

Always return what you borrowed
Never make a judgement before analysing the facts
Do not go to bed angry

Carry love within your heart for yourself
Hold no hatred – Keeping a grudge can destroy you.
Approach each day of your life with confidence
Nothing is so difficult to overcome, unless you say it is
Give to others with a kind heart expecting nothing in return
End each day with thanksgiving



  1. Simple lovely! God bless you..What a way to begin and end a day. It is something to truly to ponder on.

  2. I like this! Thank you for sharing it. 8^D

  3. That was a great blog. Both of your sites are so eye catching and the info is uplifting and thought provoking.

  4. Life is what you make of it"

    17Rules to live by.. It's Great! Thanks for sharing such beautiful thoughts

    I enjoyed being here:LOL:

  5. Very positive. I like the acronym used to get the message across. Nice job.

  6. This is a very nice list, thank you for posting it. All of these are very good points and if followed will lead to a moral and fulfilling life.

    I just wish that it was as easy to actually do them as it is to read them..

  7. Great blog. Very uplifting, encouraging and short and to the point. Lots of great content on your blog.